Terms of Use: Romildevancommenee.com

Article 1. General

These terms and conditions apply to all usage of the website www.romildevancommenee.com and all services offered therein.

Details of ROMILDEVANCOMMENEE.COM Organization (hereinafter referred to as RVC)


Boomstraat 51B

1015 LB Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce number: 82617481

Tax ID: NL862540707B01


We may change the Terms of Use at any time. By using www.romildevancommenee.com, you agree that the latest version of the Terms of Use will always apply. Any deviations from these terms must be accepted in writing by us to be valid.

Article 2. Participation in Coaching Programs

2.1 RVC offers various coaching programs, including:

  • Successful Leadership
  • Successful Collaboration
  • Successful Personal Leadership
  • Beyond Limits Mindset Mastery

2.2 Both individuals and businesses can participate in RVC coaching programs.

2.3 During coaching programs, participants will receive a workbook and associated video(s). There is also an option to schedule live online sessions with Romilde van Commenée to address any questions.

2.4 RVC cannot guarantee that undergoing its coaching programs will ensure successful transformation as this largely depends on the individual's application of the coaching. However, Romilde van Commenée and the RVC team will strive to provide all the necessary tools for success. RVC recommends that all participants allocate sufficient time to study the material and complete the tasks for optimal results.

Article 3. Payment for Coaching Programs

3.1 Payments must be made in full in advance, and you can make the payment through the invoice received after registration for the program.

3.2 Upon payment confirmation, you will immediately gain access to the academy and can start the coaching program.

3.3 RVC offers a '14-day money-back guarantee' because it values participant satisfaction. Within 14 days of starting the program, participants can cancel their registration by emailing support@romildevancommenee.com with a clear reason for the cancellation. Any received coaching materials must be returned, and any licenses related to the provided program and tools will be revoked.

3.4 After the aforementioned 14-day period, it is no longer possible to cancel participation, and participants are obligated to pay the full fee. By this, participants explicitly agree that they can't terminate the contract prematurely.

Article 4. Intellectual Property

4.1 All texts and tools (such as guides, videos, and workbooks) from RVC's coaching program are the intellectual property of Romilde van Commenée. It's prohibited to sell this knowledge commercially or incorporate it into another program. Disclosure, duplication, or distribution to third parties is strictly forbidden.

4.2 Unless otherwise agreed, copyright and all other intellectual property rights on all texts and materials remain with RVC.

4.3 Violation of this article incurs an immediately payable penalty of five thousand euros for each offense, plus one thousand euros for each day the violation continues. This is in addition to RVC's right to claim compensation and any other rights it may have.

Article 5. Materials and Licenses

RVC aims to grant lifetime access to the materials for the coaching program, but this can't be guaranteed. If there's a need to relocate the materials due to, for example, a URL change, RVC will notify customers three months in advance by email. This notification will be sent to the email used during registration. If the participant's email changes and isn't communicated to contact@romildevancommenee.com, any missed notifications will be the participant's responsibility.

Article 6. Liability

6.1 RVC isn't liable for any damage, regardless of its nature, resulting from inaccurate or incomplete information provided by you.

6.2 RVC isn't responsible for indirect damages, including but not limited to consequential damages or business interruptions. You shall indemnify RVC against any third-party claims related to such damages.

6.3 RVC isn't liable for shortcomings related to services performed by third parties in connection with the coaching program.

Article 7. Disputes

7.1 Disputes arising from or related to the purchase of RVC's coaching program will be settled by a competent court in RVC's jurisdiction, unless mandatory law dictates otherwise. Nonetheless, RVC has the right to present the dispute to any court deemed appropriate.

7.2 Both parties will resort to court action only after making every effort to resolve the dispute amicably.

Amsterdam, september 2023